Household International, Inc. Securities Litigation
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Household International, Inc. Securities Litigation Website

Welcome to the Household International, Inc. Litigation Website.  This site provides information concerning the Household International, Inc. (“Household”) Securities Litigation, Household jury verdict, Notice of Verdict and any future Verdict Fund. Within this site, you will find detailed information about the jury verdict, eligibility for participation in any recovery, how to file a Proof of Claim and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

The litigation involves all persons who purchased or otherwise acquired the common stock of Household during the period between October 23, 1997 and October 11, 2002, inclusive (the “Class”). The jury verdict in this case provides for recovery only for purchasers of Household common stock from March 23, 2001 to October 11, 2002.

Counsel for the Plaintiffs is Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP.

Your Legal Rights and Options in The Settlement

Submit a Claim Form: This is the only way to recover damages from any future Verdict Fund.
Do nothing: You will not share in any future proceeds but you will be bound by any judgment.

Key Dates:

Filing Deadline: May 24, 2011

Further Information

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